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About us

We always strive to adapt our measuring systems to your measuring problems to provide you with optimum system solutions. This concerns our luminance measuring and colour measuring techniques as well as the geometrical measuring technique.

Photometry products:

  • Imaging luminance and colour measuring devices used in R&D and production control (e.g. for display measurement, night design measurement, head and tail lamps, …)
  • Near Field Goniophotometer for LED, lamps and luminaries

Machine Vision products:

  • Geometric measurement systems (2D and 3D) especially camera and software solutions for PCB and target based registration (e.g. for laser direct imaging solutions).
  • Photometric and colour measurement solutions for production control environments

Products and services

Imaging Luminance and Color Measuring Devices (ILMD / ICMD) in combination with adapted measuring lenses provide effective one-shot solutions to evaluate several Flat Panel Display technology.

With the LMK Display package, it is possible to carry out specific measurement tasks for the characterization of displays in a standardized, reproducable and automated manner.

  • Various topics of display metrology such as brightness level, color appearance, brightness and color uniformity or angular dependence
  • Material evaluation (e.g. Brightness enhancement foils, Combiner windows for HUD)
  • Evaluation of dispaly screen surfaces (anti reflection / anti glare coatings)
LMK display

LMK display

NED-suppliers ask for LMK-solutions adapted to their specific instrument structure. Here, the wide range of fields of view (FOV) and of NED-resolutions needs to be considered. On the basis of our experience in creating LMK’s we offer a set of formulas to determine the basic parameters of lenses for different NED-concepts.

LMK imaging photometer/colorimeter

LMK imaging photometer/colorimeter

The imaging analysis of light sources and illuminated scenarios has an increasing demand. The complex analysis of lighting cenarios requires the knowledge about luminances and the spatial distribution for the whole field of view or areas of interests.
Solving such measuring tasks by means of a single-spot photometer means a big time effort or cannot be fulfilled.

News & Innovations

Special front-stop lenses 

An Eye Box-concept suggests a certain axial and lateral space to place the iris. The human eye oversees the complete imaged field only in a position when the iris is placed in the Exit pupil (XP) of the NED. The reason is the diameter of the NED-XP, which could be much larger than with classical optical instruments. Very often, this position is quite close to the last optical NED-surface. If the LMK aims to capture the complete NED-field of view, the LMK entrance pupil (EP) has to be located inside the NED-XP. Therefore, a universal LMK-lens design must have the aperture stop (resp. the EP) in front of all optical surfaces.


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