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About us

temicon is leading manufacturer of micro- and nano structured foils, components and functional surfaces. Since the company was founded in 2005 it has consistently established its universally unique technology platform in the fields of microstructuring, nanostructuring, electroforming, injection molding and roll-nano-imprint.

The company is a pioneer for the photolithographic origination of micro- and nanostructured patterns on large, seamless surfaces and for the replication by roll-imprint. temicon's innovative products have found their way into numerous areas of application: daylight management, LED and OLED lighting, display technology, solar technology, medical and environmental engineering and many more.

Under the brand temilux® innovative LED-light elements for the lighting industry are sold. holotools® stands as brand for large area and seamless imprint tools. TEMICOAT® comprises total solutions for roll-nanoimprint including equipment technology, sleeves, lacquers and processes.

Products and services

temicon offers technology:

  • Design and Simulation of optical micro patterns
  • UV- Lithography
  • Laserinterference -Lithography on large substrates without seam
  • Electroforming
  • Ni-tools and mold inserts
  • UV- Roll Imprint (R2R/R2P)
  • Injection Molding

temicon offers functional surfaces e.g.:

  • Holographic diffuser
  • MLA
  • Antireflection (moth eye)
  • Optical Gratings
  • Micro metal parts

temicon provides solutions for different applications e.g.:

  • Display
  • Automotive
  • Lighting
  • Life Science
  • Photonics & Electronics
  • Bionics

temicon offers brands:

  • temilux® (lightguide solutions)
  • holotools® (large area and seamless imprint tools)
  • TEMICOAT® (One-Stop-Shop for UV-Roll Imprint equipment)


LED light is coupled into the temilux® LG element via the edge and is outcoupled by micropatterns applied on the surface. These patterns allow a single side outcoupling of the LED light resulting in an improved light efficiency. Custom tailored light distributions e.g. Gauss or batwing with different outcoupling angles are possible.

gapless MLA

gapless MLA

temicon microlens arrays (MLA) are used for different applications e.g. optical systems, 3D-imaging and much more. Different spherical lenses within wide parameter range for lens radius, -height and -arrangement can be realized. The unique temicon technology allows the production of MLAs in a gapless format, i.e. without spaces between the single lenses. MLAs are available with different arrangements such as hexagonal, linear, square, rectangular or with stochastic distribution.

Holographic diffuser

Holographic diffuser

Engineered diffusers control light output of lighting elements and light sources like lasers, LEDs, light fixtures and blacklight units for LCDs. Engineered diffusers are surface diffusers with a very high transmission efficiency with transmission of 90% and beyond. The product portfolio ranges from Antiglare with adjustable parameters like haze, grain size and sparkeling to wide angle diffusers with 110° diffusion angle with excellent LED hiding properties


temicon GmbH
Konrad-Adenauer-Allee 11
44263 Dortmund

Phone: +49 231 47730-550
Fax: +49 231 47730-555

Dr. Stefan Wiebach
Director Global Sales & Marketing
Phone: +49 231 47730-561

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