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Display Network expands

Display Networks expands with new members
The German Flat Panel Forum (Deutsches Flachdisplay Forum, DFF) is an international organization with companies and academia: material and component suppliers, manufacturing and process equipment suppliers, system integrators and distributors, display end users and research institutes.

The vision of DFF is to enable its members to attain and sustain a leading position in display industries. DFF catalyses and expands a network of excellence across the entire value chain, leading to new business opportunities.

DFF mission contains five elements:

  • DFF provides a unique networking platform of leading companies driving the FPD industry
  • DFF provides a unique source of information for FPD market participants
  • DFF assists in identifying and assessing business opportunities at all levels of the FPD value chain and application areas
  • DFF assists to design the supply chains for the innovative FPD technologies of the future
  • DFF promotes entrepreneurial competence and excellence

Exhibitor: Wammes + Partner GmbH

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