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TechnoTeam Bildverarbeitung GmbH founded in 1991 as a university spin-off has long-term experience in the field of image processing and recognition.

We develope spatially resolved light and color measuring devices for both -laboratory applications and industrial automation. This measurement technique, which has applied worldwide in R&D and manufacture of luminous and illuminated devices such as displays, headlamps and luminaires, has become the industrial standard for the Automotive and the Display industry.

Since 1991, we do develop near-field gonio photometers for lamps and luminaires. These devices are successfully been used by lamp and LED manufacturers as well as by luminaire manufacturers all over the world.

In the field of the 2D- and 3D-measuring technique, TechnoTeam has contributed major novel developments in the framework of joint research projects. Thus, we are able to assist solving customer problems with a high professional level of customized products.

Products and services

With the spatially resolved LMK Photometer and colorimeter package, it is possible to carry out specific measurement tasks for the characterization of displays in a standardized, reproducible and automated manner.

Various topics in the application of display evaluation (Flat panel display, Head-up display (HUD), Near to eye AR/VR display) such as luminance level, color rendering, uniformity, contrasts and optical distortion can be analyzed.

Material evaluation (e.g. Brightness enhancement foils, Combiner windows for HUD) like the analysis of screen surfaces (anti reflection/glare coatings) can be done.

LMK virtual display

For perception-accurate measurements, the entrance pupil (EP) of the measuring system (LMK) must be located inside the Eye-box o the Near-eye (N2E) system. Furthermore it must be ensured that the EP of the LMK is smaller than the exit pupil (XP) of the N2E system in order to achieve a complete filling of it's aperture.

An optical lens system becomes necessary whose aperture-stop is in front of all optical surfaces.

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LMK display

The LMK display package allows to measure specific tasks for display characterization in a standardized, reproducible and automated manner.

Various topics in this application field (Flat Panel (FPD), Head-up (HUD), Near-eye display) such as luminances, color, uniformity or optical distortion can be analyzed.

Also material evaluation (Brightness enhancement foils, Combiner windows for HUD) and the evaluation of dispaly screen surfaces (anti reflection/glare and privacy coatings) are possible.

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LMK 6 Modelle

The LMK 6 is the center-piece of the LMK product Family.
Each camera has a unique filter glass made for it, which ensures a high-quality V(λ)-adaptation.

The LMK 6 color uses a color glass filter wheel to match the CIE color sensitivity functions of the 2° standard observer (CIE 1931). Each camera comes with an unique color filter wheel.

The LMK 6 color is critical for imaging color and chromaticity measurements in addtion to imaging luminance measures.

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