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Henkel is the key partner and solution provider in the design, development, manufacture and maintenance of cars & vehicles, aircraft and transportation systems. Henkel’s high-performance adhesives and sealants create many opportunities to design and build advanced, lightweight constructions and enable seemingly conflicting aims such as higher speeds and lower fuel consumption. Because of the early involvement in our customers’ design and development processes Henkel provides tailor-made solutions to market challenges and needs, enabling our customers to achieve competitive advantages as well as environmentally responsible and cost-effective operations. Backed by extensive design capabilities, a broad product range and technical expertise, we deliver solutions for all segments of a vehicle. Our innovative solutions provide support across the manufacturing of automotive display modules, including structural bonding and liquid optically clear adhesives of components, among others.

Products and services

Henkel provides innovative solutions across the full assembly process to support the manufacturing of Automotive Display modules. These are structural bonding and liquid optically clear adhesives, among others.

  • LOCTITE® Liquid Optically Clear Adhesives are designed to achieve high optical and bonding performance on display modules, especially those using multiple glass and plastic substrates or with unique curved design.
  • Structural bonding adhesives are mainly used for bonding cover lenses and frames made of glass, metal or plastic.

All materials for displays in automotive applications, provide outstanding performance under the harsh automotive environment, i.e., thermal shock, elevated temperature, sun light exposure.

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News & Innovations

News and Innovations

New materials and processes for automotive display applications:

  • SpeedCureTM is a new Henkel process to accurately & efficiently cure adhesives in display applications and is suitable to bond e.g. cold bended glass/ plastic lenses to curved frames.
    With this technology we can accurately define which areas will be heated and which not and thus avoid any thermal/optical stress of sensitive components while zonal accurate heating, following the adhesive particular layout, at high speed is accomplished.
  • Henkel has developed new silicone hybrid Liquid Optically Clear Adhesives, including brand-new small footprint and 30-seconds cycle time processes, for optical bonding in automotive applications.

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