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About us

Excellent light measurement technology

As a market leader, Instrument Systems GmbH has always stood for premium quality and application-oriented expertise in light and display measurement. We are active since 1986 and have a strong focus on all-in-one systems for display measurement for all conceivable applications. Manufacturers of components and panels, integrators and renowned brand manufacturers of electronic devices all over the world use our extensive product portfolio. We are actively involved in standardization committees and professional associations such as DIN and CIE and cooperate closely with leading metrology institutes.

Our high-end measuring instruments and all-around solutions provide highest color and luminance measurement accuracy. They meet the strict requirements for optical tests of rapidly evolving display technologies, including display improvement, e.g. more saturated colors and higher resolution as well as new applications such as AR/VR and VCSEL.

LumiTop 5300 AR/VR Display Testing Straight lens for 2D testing of modules prior to installation

LumiTop 5300 AR/VR Display Testing Periscope design for synchronized 2-eyes headset measurements

LumiTop X20/30 Highest measuring accuracy meets maximum flexibility

Display Measurement System DMS 904: Fully automated 7-axis goniometer for very long, curved displays

Display Measurement System DMS 803 Motorized 6-axis goniometer for display measurement

LumiTop X150 Ultra-high resolution, all-in-one solution for quality control at pixel level

Lumi Suite Professional software for display characterization

LumiCam Display Measurement Filter-based camera system for determining luminance and color


Instrument Systems GmbH
Kastenbauerstr. 2
81677 Munich

Phone:  +49 89 454943-0
Konica Minolta Sensing Americas
101 Williams Drive
07446 Ramsey

Phone:  +1 888 473-2656

Contact person:

Justin Blanke
International Sales Manager
Phone: +49 89 454943-260

Products & Services

Display Measurement Portfolio: With new technologies such as OLED and µLED, enabling new form factors, designs and applications, come challenging new measurement tasks. Displays, single components and panels must be objectively tested at all stages of the manufacturing process. This involves, among others, testing of uniformity and homogeneity of image content, flicker and switching times and influence of viewing direction on contrast/ color/ luminance. Instrument Systems has specialized in all-in-one systems for display measurement for all conceivable applications, used in the lab as well as in production lines. All systems simulate the human eye and provide fast and accurate measurements of the relevant test variables. Our portfolio includes e.g. measurement solutions with 2D imaging systems for automotive displays as well as a system combining a goniometer with a spectrometer and a photometer, which is perfectly suitable for measuring new technologies such as AR/VR.

DMS Display Measurement System

Our all-in-one system for comprehensive display characterization combines a goniometer, a spectroradiometer and a photometer. DMS systems specify and evaluate the displays, components and materials of every technology in terms of their impact on the human visual system. They are used from automotive development labs to end-of-line quality controls stations of many display production lines. The systems also offers specialized optics that are ideally suited to new applications such as AR/VR.
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DMS Display Measurement System:All-in-one solution for goniometric display characterization

LumiTop 4000 Display Production Testing

Our all-in-one solution for quality control in production lines is the LumiTop imaging colorimeter, consisting of a 2D RGB camera, a high-end spectroradiometer of the CAS series and a photodiode. All important optical variables can be measured at once. Completing the system is the LumiSuite software, which manages and evaluates the measurements.
The LumiTop system is a robust and reliable partner for harsh production conditions, delivering fast, highly precise and reliable measurements.
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LumiTop Display Production Testing system:

LumiCam B series for Automotive Displays

Instrument Systems’ LumiCam B series consists of filter-based camera systems that perform precise and spatially resolved measurements of luminance and color. The variety of models and optical accessories make the LumiCam B series flexible for diverse measuring tasks in the lab and quality control in small-scale production lines. Measurements can be managed by the LumiSuite software.These reliable 2D imaging systems have been widely used for decades, particularly by the automotive industry.
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LumiCam Display Measurement System: Filter-based camera system for determining luminance and color

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