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About us

3D-Micromac AG - Micromachining Excellence

3D-Micromac is the leading specialist in laser micromachining. Our team of experts develops processes, machinery, and complete systems at the highest technical and technological levels.

3D-Micromac systems and services have been successfully implemented in various high-tech industries worldwide, including photovoltaic, semiconductor, glass, and display industries, micro diagnostics, and medical technology. Our laser contract manufacturing department offers the customer-specific development of laser processes and contract manufacturing of components and workpieces for small and large series. Our target is to satisfy customer demands completely, even on the most complex projects.

3D-Micromac adheres to high-performance and future-oriented processes at high production efficiency. Our technologies have set international standards for true innovation.

In our Customer Application Center, we develop processes & produce limited lots for our customers.

At 3D-Micromac, our experts develop laser processes at the highest technological level.

Our laser processes make efficient series production of innovative components & products possible.

We provide high-quality, reliable & user-friendly systems for all laser micromachining applications.

3D-Micromac adheres to high-performance & future-oriented processes at high production efficiency.


3D-Micromac AG
Technologie-Campus 8
09126 Chemnitz

Phone:  +49 371 40043222
3D-Micromac America, LLC
780 Montague Expy #306
CA 95131, San Jose

Phone:  +1 603 305-4263

Contact person:

Frank Richter
Head of Sales
Phone: +49 371 40043222

Products & Services

Laser Technologies for MicroLED and Augmented Reality (AR) Glass Waveguide Production

3D-Micromac offers laser processing solutions for MicroLED production. That includes its microMIRA™ Laser Lift-Off (LLO) system for separating the finished microLEDs from the sapphire growth wafer. Another industry-approved laser solution is the microCETI™, a Laser-Induced Forward Transfer (LIFT) system for moving the devices from the donor substrate to the display substrate. In addition, laser micromachining solutions for REPAIR processes within the microLED production process chain are available.

Furthermore, 3D-Micromac provides laser-based cutting solutions for separating high-refractive index wafers for augmented reality.


3D-Micromac’s microCETI uses the innovative LIFT (Laser-Induced Forward Transfer) laser process, which is an essential factor in the process chain for manufacturing microLED displays.

The microCETI LIFT system enables the transfer of hundreds of millions of microLEDs without mechanical forces, thereby ensuring that microLEDs of almost any shape and size can be transferred. This ensures the cost-effective production of microLED displays.
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microCETI™ - Manufacturing System for Cost-efficient MicroLED Transfer


The microMIRA LLO system provides a highly uniform, force-free lift-off of different layers on wafers at high processing speed. The laser system can be used especially for GaN lift-off from glass and sapphire substrates in MicroLED display and semiconductor manufacturing.
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microMIRA™ - High Throughput Laser Lift-Off for microLED Application


3D-Micromac’s microPOLAR laser micromachining system is
designed to process high-index glasses and other transparent
crystalline materials. Its sophisticated glass-cutting capabilities
make it the ideal choice for the wafer-based separation
and singulation of augmented reality (AR) waveguides.
The highly versatile system is in-field-upgradeable, thus fitting R&D
purposes, as well as enabling mass production with high yield.
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The highly productive laser processing system for AR waveguide cutting microPOLAR

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